Today was without question our best day yet. Coincidence that Haley wasn’t there? Probably not. We managed to walk through almost all of our act, and the kids were actually attentive and involved. I am hoping that we have finally solidified our group of students, but we unfortunately found out that one kid will not be able to come to the performance (the 3 of us will be doing a bit more acted than we originally anticipated). We were in a very small room today, which made it a bit difficult to walk through transitions of people being off and on state, but it managed to work out. We also handed out some props. In hindsight it may not have been the best idea because some students were just wildly swinging around swords, but things realistically could have been worse.

All in all the three of us were very happy with today’s work. Now that we are only a few weeks from the performance I hope that we continue to see productive meetings.