Last Tuesday during our work day we had come up with a finalized prop list as well as a definitive plan as to what we were going to do that night at Higher Achievement. We had split our act into three parts, where each of us was going to be in charge of leading that part. We all had our specific characters and actors set up for each part so we were organized and ready to go later that night at rehearsal. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Boushall Middle School later that night there was nobody to be seen! The usual guards who are at the doors were not there and the doors were all locked. We waited for about 10 minutes and tried calling Kesha twice, but we had no luck. Since there were no other cars or buses there and it was starting to get a little creepy we decided to head back to campus.

We had planned to start the rehearsal off by having the kids play a tongue twister game. Then, we were going to split into our three groups and actually start acting out their parts. We were planning on putting on a full rehearsal sometime soon but it seems like we are running out of time and the children haven’t really had time to practice¬†all their lines. We will just bump this lesson plan back until we meet with them next week and try to shift around our planning for the next few weeks since we won’t be there the week of Thanksgiving break.