SubTech2016 Conference Schedule – A Collaborative Framework

SubTech 2016, happening July 7-9, is an invitational ‘unconference’ about applications of information technology to law teaching or practice that involve substantive legal content.  The conference agenda is both collaborative and participant-driven.  We have developed a draft conference framework, and we invite your feedback and input.

View the SubTech 2016 Schedule as of June 16 2016.

Potential session themes

Here are potential conference themes, as found in the SubTech 2016 Conference Schedule Framework.


Potential theme Potential aspects
The state of ‘substantive technology’ in legal education and law practice today What’s happening (or not happening) where?

Maybe including pedagogy more generally

Learning law and advancing justice by coding legal applications Can students learn law by teaching computers how to think like a lawyers? Can they build ‘Apps4Justice’?
Developments in artificial intelligence and law Knowledge engineering, expert systems, neural nets, machine learning.  IBM’s Watson and ‘cognitive computing.’
Analytics and ‘Big Data’ E.g. in learning management systems built around real-time analytics; classroom polling to track learning progress through the semester
Intelligent online legal education; distance learning How can substantive systems play a role in online education? What are recent developments in distance learning?
Mobile How can tools like Kahootz be used in legal ed?  What other mobile applications should be used, built, or studied?
Gamification What have we learned about games as tools for educating students, lawyers, and lay people?
Design Thinking How are human-centered design principles and techniques being taught, and what role does technology play?
Innovations in legal research What innovations in legal research are emerging from research labs and commercial players?  What’s happening with federal government initiatives to increase access to data sets and rule making processes?