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The SubTech Way: Context for an Unconventional Conference

With SubTech2016 set to start in around two months, we want to share context to this unconventional conference.  We are preparing to announce details for workshops, collaboration opportunities and our discussion framework.  Unti then, read this background piece explaining “The SubTech Way” developed over the years… The SubTech Way This conference series is dedicated to substantive applications …

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SubTech2016 Conference Schedule – A Collaborative Framework

SubTech 2016, happening July 7-9, is an invitational ‘unconference’ about applications of information technology to law teaching or practice that involve substantive legal content.  The conference agenda is both collaborative and participant-driven.  We have developed a draft conference framework, and we invite your feedback and input. View the SubTech 2016 Schedule as of June 16 2016. …

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