When the editor-in-chief of a journal that you respect reaches out to invite you to write a mini-review article, I suppose you should say yes. I was enthusiastic because although there are A LOT of reviews on estrogen receptor ligands, I had never seen one on pro-drugs of them. Of course, our work on the boronic ester prodrugs of ER ligands fit well in but it also ties to the work we do in collaboration with Dr. Norris on photoactivated chemotherapy. So this summer, Hannah and I worked on the mini-review for the Journal of the Endocrine Society. It was fun to dive into literature and read articles. I can also say the review process was enjoyable and painless all while making the article better. It is published now online so you can enjoy it.

Thank you to Hannah for joining me on this adventure and really contributing so well to the part that intrigued her the most – the neuroactive prodrugs!

Enjoy your reading of our lab’s first review article 🙂