I would say the latest publication from the lab (accepted in mid-December) was a long time coming. Kristen started the virtual screening when she was working as a post-bac in spring 2018. Then Courtney took a hold of the screening and was a machine in her 384-well plate fluorescence polarization assay. Cassidy rocked the cell experiments that Kristen pioneered. And our computational collaborators – Dr. Carol Parish, Justin Airas, and Alexis Blake – assisted in making it a beautiful story. 

This was a project I had in my mind when the lab first started working on MEMO1. We established protocols and built biophysical assays and told a wonderful story about MEMO1 interactions a couple of years ago. However, this paper takes it a bit further and identifies the very first small molecule inhibitors of the protein. I think it is pretty impressive. And it was done by an amazing team of undergraduate students. I am constantly amazed at their scientific capabilities. Good work to everyone!

See the beautifully formatted manuscript here