Happy New Year! I cannot believe that we are starting 2020. When I look back on the previous decade, I think about all of the changes in my life – personal and professional. On the latter side:

  • I graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry from Duke University in December 2011.
  • I moved halfway across the country at the start of 2012 to start a phenomenal post-doc with John Katzenellenbogen at University of Illinois.
  • I went on the job market in fall 2013 and after a number of interviews ended up accepting my current position at University of Richmond.
  • I moved to Richmond in fall 2014, started teaching and establishing the Pollock research lab.
  • I have worked with an incredible 27 undergraduate students in the research lab, established on-campus and off-campus collaborations, and expanded my scientific knowledge set.
  • I was able to help redesign and implement an upper level experimental biochemistry course.
  • I got to develop and teach a chemical biology course that I had been dreaming of for years.
  • I submitted my tenure portfolio in fall 2019 (and it has positively moved through a number of steps).

Looking at that list, each line starts with “I” but my professional life and my successes are due to the people that have supported and worked with me through the years. To all of my colleagues, mentors, students, and friends, thank you for being the best support network over the past decade. I wouldn’t be where I am without you!

I look forward to what the next year, and the next decade, will bring. Best wishes to you all!