From those of you who read this blog consistently, you know that a couple of years ago Prof. Mike Leopold and his students approached me to help express protein that they needed for their electrochemical biosensors. Since then the collaboration has grown. I have learned a lot of electrochemistry and have figured out how to troubleshoot some weird results. It has been a very fruitful collaboration as well — this week, the 4th manuscript for our collaboration was published. We are especially excited about this one because we developed a method to miniaturize the sensors to a wire. That means that they could potentially be used in a clinical setting as a supplement with traditional I.V. monitoring. This paper covers a lot of diseases – diabetes, galactosemia, preeclampsia, xanthinuria, and sepsis. It is a very adaptable system and easy to put together.

Congratulations to the whole team including undergraduates Najwa, Grace, and Lillian! Lillian will always be immortalized in the article because that is her hand you see on the graphical abstract.

Here’s the link to the article for your reading pleasure — it is another open access one, so everyone can read it freely!