You’ve heard me talk about it a lot — collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. It is the foundation of all my science. My undergraduate collaborators help me to become a better teacher, my off-campus collaborators help me to analyze difficult data, my on-campus collaborators help challenge me to understand new things. They all help me to be a better researcher. I preach collaboration to my students and I think I emulate collaboration when you read any of my papers. Through discussion with each other and through the learning of new techniques, we can more fully answer our scientific questions.

Through a collaboration with Prof. Mike Leopold, I have started to learn electrochemistry. Although I started out as the protein biochemist to his sensor development (see the sarcosine paper), the latest collaboration has really pushed me to understand the electrochemical experiments and data. Without scaring, or boring, you with the details of the review process for our newest manuscript (it was looooong and full of a lot of additional experiments), I can say that it really helped me learn the material more. Congratulations to the whole team: Mike, Wayu, Micheal, Najwa, and Will! Thanks for pushing me to grow as a scientist through our collaborations – I hope I do the same for you!

See the manuscript here in Bioelectrochemistry.

Also, note it has a 2019 published date?! Can you believe the issues for 2019 are already starting to come out?! Time is flying fast!