With research leave last spring, Tuesday marked my first day in the classroom since last December. My schedule this year has my chemical biology class on T/R morning and experimental biochemistry lab on T/R afternoons. It has the potential to be great for research with “open” days on M/W/F. I say “open” because if this week is any indication, they will fill with student meetings (research and courses), committee work, and all the impromptu conversations with colleagues and students. Anyway, as I reflect on the first week, I realize how out of “teaching shape” I am! Two long days of standing all day (lab is 1:30-5:30) just wiped me out. My feet are sore, my legs are tired, and my brain is a bit spent. I know things will get easier in the coming weeks as I work back up to it, but this week has certainly been rough.

To all of you professors out there, keep up the good work. Find some good shoes and push through the exhaustion. We can do it! Happy new academic year!