7 years ago, Profs. Angie Hilliker and Carrie Wu of the biology department implemented the 1st annual Gottwald Games. This fun event consists of a variety of field games, all with a science-y twist. Games throughout the years have included Water Glove Toss, Petri Dish Relay, Hungry Hungry Flytrap, Spongeball, Solvent Pong, and Twisted Helix. In my first year at UR, Angie and Carrie recruited me to help assist and to drum up more participation from the chemistry side of the building. It has been quite an enjoyable time.

Now we have over 100 of the students who are on campus for summer research from the biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, math, and computer science departments. They come up with fun names, design t-shirts, and compete with one another. It is a great visual representation of the impact of the “Richmond Guarantee” for our students.

Here are some pictures from the 7th annual Gottwald Games. Don’t worry, the students were back in the lab as soon as pizza was finished!