In 2014, when I was finishing up my postdoc at UIUC and getting ready to start my independent career at UR, I joined the Endocrine Society. My postdoc advisor had been a member for a long time and it seemed like a great community of folks with whom to interact. Last summer, the society selected Maddie as a summer research fellow (yay!) which included registration and presentation at the annual national meeting. Since I’m on research leave, and Kristen is working full-time in the lab, we decided to join Maddie for ENDO2018 in Chicago, IL. The Endocrine Society is unique because it is about half basic researchers and half clinicians. The conference has talks that span from nuclear receptor biology (my favorite!) to male contraception clinical trials to new diabetes drugs on the market. For me, it was a time of intellectual stimulation and catching up with old colleagues. My post-doc advisor, John Katzenellenbogen, my secondary post-doc advisor, Benita Katzenellenbogen, one of my committee members from grad school, Donald McDonnell, and multiple collaborators from the years, Kendall Nettles and Jennifer Richer, were all in attendance. There is a tight knit community among nuclear receptor researchers and I was honored to be counted among them. It was a little surreal to have people recognize my name when they came to our poster. Anyway, the weekend was full of interesting science, lots of steps, and even a quick trip to the green river (we were there for St. Patty’s day!). See some photos from a great conference.