Probably my biggest motivation for making my career at a place like University of Richmond is because I believe in undergraduate research. I think it enhances the college experience and pushes students to think beyond their course assignments. There are struggles along the way: glassware gets broken, cells get contaminated, protein does not stay folded appropriately, experiments are abandoned because exams must be studied for, and research just doesn’t always work the way you plan out. However, the best experiences are when the story comes together, the data makes sense, the manuscript is written, the reviewers and editors decide they like it, and the paper is published.

Today we celebrate a collaboration between the Leopold lab and the Pollock lab on the development of sarcosine and creatinine biosensors and the three undergraduate researchers that worked so hard to make this project come together: Michael Pannell, Libby Doll, and Najwa Labban. Click here to see the manuscript.

Good work and congratulations to all!