We are in the midst of a search for a new tenure-track faculty member in biochemistry at UR. As I’m reading through cover letters, CVs, teaching statements, and research statements, I have been transported back to sitting in my apartment in Champaign, IL (or the Panera Bread down the street) drinking too much coffee as I put together all of my documents. It’s basically a full-time job, applying for your first “real job”. Very well put by this PHD Comic:

I was innocent to the world of being a professor, excited to start my research lab with my shiny great ideas, and optimistic about teaching students who were so excited to be in my classes. As I look back at the last three years, I wouldn’t change my path. My interview at UR was surprisingly enjoyable because of the people (faculty and students) and the scientific conversations. Apparently they liked me enough to offer me the job. I accepted without hesitation and the next fall I arrived on campus to get everything going. It has been busy, and hard at times, but I’m still grateful to be here. My advice to those who are on the job market this year, put your best foot forward, be enthusiastic, and find a place that you would want to call your home. Good luck! I look forward to welcoming another colleague in fall 2018!