The Pollock lab has been awarded a grant from the Jeffress Memorial Trust! I am excited to continue to develop our understanding of protein-protein interactions that are governed by phosphorylation and to collaborate with Prof. Carol Parish on computational aspects of the project. It is a relief to have the “big grant” box checked but also a bit of pressure to move things forward in the lab. The team of students working on the project this summer– Maddie, Jessica, and Courtney with Hunter from the Parish lab– have already made significant progress. It is an exciting time!

The craziest thing is that the award has picked up some attention both on campus and in the community. The university sent out a press release that has been posted on the homepage of UR. The Richmond Times and Dispatch even published a piece on it. It has been a bit surreal for folks across campus who I interact with different contexts to say congratulations after seeing my face fly by on the homepage.

Let’s go Team MEMO!