Kristen Rubenstein is a Biology major with a concentration in neuroscience graduating in May 2017. She joined the lab through a round about way. As a neuroscience concentration student, Kristen was looking to expand her research in Jonathan Dattlebaum’s lab to a neuro-related project, so they approached me to test their bacterial extracts (potential natural products) in glioblastoma cells. Kristen has since become an “adopted” member of the lab after JD went on leave for this academic year. She has expanded the studies into other cancer cells really becoming an expert on proliferation assays. See how she answered my questions:

Q1. Why did you decide to join the Pollock lab?

Kristen: Obviously, I was kind of thrown into it, but I’ve absolutely loved being able to take my previous research with Dr. Dattelbaum in a more biological direction and connect it more to my passions and interest in medicine!

Q2. What was your favorite part about your research experience?

Kristen: My favorite part about my research experience was probably traveling to San Diego to present my own research project at the ASBMB conference.

Q3. What do you plan to do after graduation?

Kristen: I’m taking a gap year or two, but then I will be applying to medical school!

Q3. As you reflect back on your time at University of Richmond, what advice would you give to an incoming student who was interested in your career path?

Kristen: My advice for any incoming student interested in research and/or medicine would be to take full advantage of the amazing opportunities this school has to offer– research/science-related and otherwise. Try not to get too swept up in the rigorous course load, and don’t be afraid to take classes in other fields or study abroad, because that’s how you’ll discover your true passions!

Kristen- thank you for your positive attitude and always having a smile on your face. 10 day proliferation studies can be time-consuming but you never complained. Thanks for continuing to work in the lab even after JD left.