A new publication has come out from my postdoctoral work in the Katzenellenbogen lab. See PMID: 28194662 to read a story about androgen receptor ligands in triple negative breast cancer and the development of a new model system to evaluate the role of AR in TNBC.

The best part of this story (besides a publication added to the list) is that it stems from a collaboration started at a conference. In 2014, I attended the Nuclear Receptors Keystone conference with the Drs. K (John and Benita) and listened to a number of leaders in the field present their work. It was quite invigorating and inspiring for my future career in academia. The Keystone Conferences (similar to Gordon Research Conferences) promote the presentation of preliminary, non-published findings to facilitate feedback and discussion from the field about new and innovative experiments. Dr. Jennifer Richer of University of Colorado approached us to use our AR ligands as probes of the receptor in triple-negative breast cancer. She had some really interesting results with the “gold-standard” enzalutamide. Anyway, we embarked on a collaboration– between chemists, biologists, pathologists, physiologists– to complete these studies. The moral of the story is when you are open to collaborations, you can make significant progress, and maybe even more important, to make significant progress, you should be open to collaborations.