When you’ve been in research a long time, you have your favorite journals– the ones that you always read the table of contents when they come out and put a number of their articles in your “to-read” pile. Now as a professor, my “to-read” pile is growing faster than my time to actually read them. But regardless, I still get email alerts for a number of journals and try to flip through their TOC whenever I can.

I always classify myself as a chemical biologist (we can talk more about this later) so one of my most favorite journals is Nature Chemical Biology. It publishes cutting edge research right on the interface of chemistry and biology. It has a high impact factor that makes it the leading primary research journal in chemical biology and one of the top ten in biochemistry and molecular biology. It has been around this world of academy for just about as long as I have– the first issue was June 2005 just one year before I graduated from college. Throughout my career, the articles in NCB (plus so many other journals…) really impacted my science and passion for this field.

So when we decided during my postdoc to submit an article to NCB, I was excited. It has been an up and down process finishing experiments from afar, working across multiple institutions (Duke, University of Illinois, University of Richmond, plus others), and re-writing and re-working the document, but it has finally been published! It is a wonderful story about a constrained cyclobutane compound (which was discovered by serendipity) that is effective in models of castration-resistant-prostate cancer. Here are some links:

The Current NCB link

The Pubmed link

A Press Release from Duke Medical School