What Sets the Joan Oates Institute Apart From Other Educator PD?

Hear from our past educator participants on how our training was unlike any other:

“This was hands-on, real people, real experiences, real applications for the types of communication or the types of problem-solving or the types of thinking that we’re trying to foster and facilitate, in a world that’s outside of the classroom, in a world our students are a part of.”  – Olivia Exum, HS Spanish Teacher

The Joan Oates Institute is an annual summer training at the University of Richmond, offered by our Institute for Integrated Learning. It is truly unique in that it shows educators how to incorporate the culture, interests, and community of students into teaching and learning. This results in deeper learning, real-world curricular connections, and improved academic and social-emotional outcomes.

By using a series of experiential, arts- and tech-focused workshops, teachers are “doing the work that your students are going to do” as Assistant Principal Dr. Chantea Wright explains. The weeklong course is practically applicable and engaging, as opposed to professional development that consists of a “sit-and-get” lecture format.

“Everyone has a voice and has their own story that they bring to the table.” – Kate O’Neil, Special Education educator

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