Partners in the Arts is a consortium of regional schools, artists, and cultural organizations based at the University of Richmond. We train PK-12 educators, teaching artists, and community experts to integrate culture and community into all subjects and levels through the use of the arts and technology.

Our educational programs through the Institute for Integrated Learning (IIL) include custom workshops, our historic annual summer institute, school-based project planning and implementation support, and an Integrated Learning Certificate.


  • CULTURE & COMMUNITY belong in every classroom to empower and engage students. Choice, voice, student interests, and lived experiences enhance learning.
  • THE ARTS & TECHNOLOGY develop creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. As the processes and tools of learning, they can be applied in both instruction and assessment.


  • PK-12 EDUCATORS from all levels and content areas. Our integrated approach elevates student and teacher engagement, as well as academic achievement and social-emotional outcomes.
  • TEACHING ARTISTS & COMMUNITY EXPERTS who specialize in any art field or profession. We help them to distill and name the processes and elements of their craft, and connect them to PK-12 standards.


  • TRAINING & PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION at the class, school, or division level. The content, delivery, and credentialing of our programs can be customized to your needs.
  • CONSULTING & COACHING from JOIFIL trained experts, who can support team or individual instructional needs either in-person or online.


Partners in the Arts has been a mainstay of the Richmond community since 1994. To learn more about how you can work with or support Partners in the Arts at the University of Richmond, visit our website or email us at today.