Welcome to the Partners in the Arts blog! I am hoping that this site will offer you useful information about we do at Partners as well as resources that will help you use the arts, in all forms, in your classroom.

What is Partners in the Arts? First, it is program based at the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies in Richmond, VA. Our goal is to provide K-12 teachers with skills and resources that allow them to integrate the arts into the teaching of all subjects €” social studies, science, math, language arts, world languages, you name it. All subjects benefit from being connected to the arts in meaningful and relevant ways, and all students have an enriched learning experience as a result.

Here in Virginia we have state Standards of Learning (SOLs) that shape what and how teachers teach; such state-wide standards are common throughout the US. Arts integration does not take time away from covering required material – it deepens students' understanding of the material, makes it more accessible to students who learn in different ways, and empowers students to "own" what they learn. Further, it reinvigorates teachers in their approach to familiar material and allows them to use a broader range of their teaching skills.

This blog is in its infancy €” Baby Blog – and I will be the first to say that I am no tech expert. But as we go along, I hope to expand my skills and the resources I can offer here, as well as provide the occasional comment on emerging issues in education and the arts.  I am helped in this effort by Rob McAdams, who is lending his considerable skills as arts educator as well as tech maven to Partners in the Arts these days.  So you will see some posts signed by me and some by Rob. 

So off we go!

Liz Sheehan, Director