One man paints a wall standing on a crane, another man holds a paint roller

Mending Walls in K-12: We Need to Talk, We Need to Make

What happens when artists from different backgrounds come together to discuss societal issues and create joint public artworks addressing them? Mending Walls RVA is an ongoing public art project in Richmond, Virginia started by Hamilton Glass. It connects artists from different cultures to speak openly […]

Man stands in front of a microphone

Teaching through Spoken Word with Roscoe Burnems

In early 2021, Roscoe Burnems was announced as Richmond’s first-ever poet laureate. Roscoe has been an integral member of Partners in the Arts (PIA) for many years, contributing his expertise, talent, and passions for spoken word poetry and student-centered education. Poetry for All Roscoe connected […]

Hands rip apart a calendar on a table

Classroom Learning and Art-Making as Parallel Processes

Jordan Brown is the Director of Education and Programs at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and a member of the Partners in the Arts (PIA) Board of Advisors. Jordan currently leads a team of dedicated staff who run educational programming at the Visual Arts […]

Two pages of comic sketches

A Story in Comics

Here is a story: Many years ago, there was a trapper. He was interested in trapping a beaver so that he could sell its pelt, so he purchased a beaver trap. He set off into the woods with the trap, found a likely spot by […]

A man and a woman work at a table with other people around them

Fearless Teaching: Here Be Dragons!

When lacking information on what was known beyond the visible world, ancient maps were inscribed with the words “Here Be Dragons” and frightening images to warn travelers to stay away. To be a creative individual and a master educator however, we must train ourselves to […]

Hands building out of cardboard

Students at Work: Building Bridges

Peter Culley, international architect and the founder and director of Spatial Affairs Bureau (UK and US) opened the 2016 Joan Oates Institute with a look at architecture and design through model-making. The hands-on making process was intended to stimulate design-thinking as educators used model building […]