Biographical Community Portraits in Words and Visuals

Students at Powhatan High School combined Art and English to create multimedia biographical portraits of members of their community. In the 2022-2023 school year, seniors in two classes at Powhatan High School worked together to interview special guests such as coaches, specialists, and the superintendent. […]

A wrestler addresses a crowd of students sitting in bleachers

Teaching Literacy Through Wrestling

Dear Diary, The kids have lost it! They are bouncing off of the walls, literally. If they try to body slam each other one more time off of the sofa, I am going to lose it. Send help… Wrestlers as Storytellers  Need a solution to […]

Looking at the Past with Kindergarteners to Seniors

Powhatan High teacher Jane Brown developed Exploring the Powhatans: Past and Present as a project that integrates a wide range of subjects to explore the history, culture and contemporary lives of the Mattaponi Powhatan. Made possible by a 2010 Partners in the Arts’ Engaging Creative […]