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Insectageddon: Environmental Education + Art + Activism

How do you get kids to care? How do you get students to see themselves in the world? In 2021, Partners in the Arts connected a community organization, a spoken word artist, and a science educator in a collaborative unit. Students harnessed the power of […]

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Supporting Social and Emotional Learning through the Arts

Marjorie Valentine recently retired after working at Binford Middle School for 39 years. She participated in the first teacher cohort of the Arts Integrated Learning Certificate (AILC) through Partners in the Arts. After completing her training, Ms. Valentine shared how arts integrated learning benefits all […]

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Interdisciplinary Teaching Across an Arts-Integrated Middle School

Jonathan Walker is Assistant Principal at Binford Middle School. Prior to his current position, he was an English teacher at Binford and attended Partners in the Arts’ Joan Oates Institute during his early years of teaching. Jonathan has experienced arts integrated learning both in the […]

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Assessing through the Arts: Process over Product

Kira Jersild is a 7th and 8th grade English teacher at Binford Middle School. Kira completed the Arts Integrated Learning Certificate (AILC) with Partners in the Arts (PIA). With her teacher cohort, Kira gained many valuable skills to integrate the arts into her classroom. An […]

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Elevating Student Voices through Arts Integration

Kieasha King is a 3rd-grade teacher at Woodville Elementary in Richmond and was in the first cohort of teachers to earn an Arts Integrated Learning Certificate (AILC) from Partners in the Arts.  Partners in the Arts developed her understanding of an arts integrated approach to […]

History in Musical Theater, Community in Classrooms

It’s good for the soul to spend time with creative teachers and their students. It’s good for students to see their culture reflected in the classroom. It’s good for teachers to integrate their subject matter across the curriculum. Partners in the Arts (PIA) helps make […]

Studying the Past to Embrace the Future

“How did they get the jail underground?” This was the question a fourth grader at Swansboro Elementary asked Selden Richardson, following his presentation about significant sites in Richmond’s history. It was in reference to the notorious Lumpkin’s Slave Jail which was unearthed in the Shockoe […]