How does the Joan Oates Institute impact students and teachers?

What does professional development at the Joan Oates Institute offer teachers and students? The impacts on teachers and classroom outcomes are deep and far reaching.

“I think that education should be experiences… this is going to be a vehicle for so much student buy-in.” – Olivia Exum, HS Spanish Teacher

The Joan Oates Institute (JOI) is an annual summer training at the University of Richmond, offered by our Institute for Integrated Learning. Teachers leave with thinking tools we provide so that they can connect curricular content to real-world experiences for students, practicing place-based education and supporting social emotional learning.

Hear from educator participants about how our training is applied in the classroom to enhance instruction, engagement, academic achievement, and more. Partners in the Arts has supported over 200 projects in schools across the Richmond area since 1994.

“Providing these resources for teachers is really immeasurably important for what we’re able to do.” – Nicole Rowland, MS Science teacher

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