Final Essay Topic: Disabilities in Rap

21 Oct

For my final, I propose a topic on current rappers and how their mental or physical ailments affected their music. These include large names like Cheif Keef, Big Sean, Juice Wrld, and Kid Cudi who have dealt with mental illnesses … Read More »

Singing and Disability/Neurodiversity

20 Oct

I watched a short video today about people with Tourette’s, and both of the people interviewed said that they experience a brief but significant drop in the number of tics they experience during and shortly after singing and playing instruments. … Read More »

meaning in the music of Les Miserables

20 Oct

Les miserables is my favorite movie, and it was first introduced as a musical theatre performance before it became a movie. The whole movie has almost no “pure conversation”, almost every conversation between the characters are songs. There are many … Read More »