St Joseph’s Villa Week of November 9th

While we are still moving forward at a pretty good pace, finally up and off of the reading table and getting into some actual scenes, we are battling some inconsistency in who shows up each week.  Thankfully, our Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are there every week, so we don’t have to work around any main characters missing.  Still, though, we seem to have somewhat of a rotating cast of supporting characters.  It isn’t difficult from the standpoint of putting on an interesting production, I think that will happen no matter what.  It becomes difficult when members of the group who don’t show up every week, of which there are quite a few, seem to want to fall back into their normal roles upon return.  So, we’ve sort of ended up with a few of our students unintentionally jockeying for a few of the supporting roles.  Hopefully, through attendance, this problem will figure itself out.  I’m planning to talk to Timone about whether or not he has any inclinations about the future participation of the group members.  If there comes a time when it looks like everybody will be showing up consistently, then we can do some final casting.  I guess for now we’ll just have to work with whoever comes on that given day and hope the students enjoy themselves.

I will say that it is really interesting to see this come together so quickly, and it is especially enjoyable due to the genuine interest that certain students have taken in the subject throughout the process.  Students that I anticipated being terribly uninterested have shown increased investment pretty much every week and I think that can be attributed to our letting the students kind of dictate their own path.  Now, it seems as if the students just want to get up there and act each week, which works for us, because we can finally start figuring out some of the mechanics of this thing.  I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of these last few weeks.