Henderson Higher Achievement week 7

This week, we were ready to go with name-tags, role descriptions, scripts, etc. We had the ideal divisions of groups set. We arrived at Henderson to a game of trivia being hosted with what looked like multiple groups of Henderson after school classes. There were 15 scholars lined up on stage and each one would be called one at a time to answer true or false to a fact about the US. Everyone in the audience would applaud if the scholar answered correctly, and if they were incorrect scholars would shout, “its okay!!” It was really cute to watch them answer so many correctly and show great sportsmanship if they were incorrect.

Because it appeared to be more than just one class of scholars at Henderson’s after school program, the room was a lot louder than usual. It was fascinating to watch the teachers calm down the room by shouting certain commands that they would respond in sync to. One of these teachers graduated from Jepson. She spoke to us during orientation about how she loves being able to directly apply what she learned as a leadership major at Richmond to this after school program. She is a leader within the organization and a leader among the students. It was cool to see her actually implement a lot of what she told us to do at orientation. I have been using a lot of her tips and have seen great results. For example, she told us to say, “on three, I want you to quietly, take out your notebooks and write one thing you learned today. Okay, one, to three.” The italicized can be substituted for anything that you want them to do, but you must explain how (quietly, quickly, etc.) and what, with good instructions of the task.

After we watched 30 minutes worth of trivia, we were able to get a hold of our site contact person to ask when we would resume practice. She apologized and told us they were not having that today. She then told us the following week we would not have practice either. We began to worry about when we would be able to get enough practices in before the play, and she told us we would be able to come in on a different day. We plan on going in on a Thursday, probably the week following Thanksgiving.