Juliana LoPiccolo 6th Week Blog Post

This week we finished blocking for our entire excerpt of the play. The Osher participants were very eager to finish the blocking of the play and have already started memorizing their lines so that they can perform their roles to the fullest extent. We then reviewed the blocking for the entire section to see how much the Osher participants remembered from last week. Its very exciting to see our creation coming to life and its been such a pleasure to work with the Osher participants. When one participant is absent all the other Osher participants have been very eager to fill the roles of the missing participants. I would have loved if we could have had a larger portion of the play because it is so great to see the Osher participants make this play their own. Im excited to get the last bit of our props together for next rehearsal, tis includes swords for every actor and capes for all the actors that play soldiers.