Henderson-Higher Achievement Week 5

This week instead of having rehearsal, Higher Achievement had a Fall Festival for Halloween. We were able to attend and help run a few of the activity stations. One had the scholars try and pick a red apple from a bucket of green apples while blindfolded. Another station had the scholars drawing certain symbols that represented positive qualities on tissue paper. It was very hectic with many of them wandering from their assigned stations. Although we were not rehearsing Macbeth, it was a positive way to get to know our scholars and even some that are not in our group. I was also able to see some of the scholars that I used to tutor after school last spring!

During our class work day, Jessie, Bridget and I were able to come up with a structured plan for the coming rehearsal. We have gone through the Macbeth script and divided it into four sections. In doing this, we hope that smaller groups of scholars will be easier to manage. Hopefully it will also allow them to be more engaged and focussed during rehearsal. We also compiled lists of the characters in each section and increased the number of murderer and porter roles as those were more popular in our group. I’m looking forward to rehearsing within smaller groups next week!