Boushall Week 1

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we walked into Boushall last Thursday. I have never worked with Higher Achievement before so I didn’t know how it was organized, and we didn’t know how many kids we would have. We had heard from the other Higher Achievement group that they had a huge group of kids, so we were all nervous to end up with thirty kids instead of the fifteen they had predicted we would have.

Our kids arrived, and we took them down to the art room to get started. I was surprised how enthusiastic the kids were when we told them we would be doing Shakespeare. Some of them had their reservations, but for the most part, they seemed to all be on board.

We got started with a name game to help us get to know them a little better. This started out really well, but the kids quickly lost interest in it and started to get distracted. They seemed to enjoy our more active game though even if some of them struggled to catch on. I think they appreciated the chance to be up and active after sitting for the last game.

Then we broke into groups so we could watch a summary video of Macbeth and talk about it. The kids were attentive and interested in what was happening, so I think small groups will be the way to go to keep them involved and focused. Overall the first week went well, and I’m excited for what the rest of this project has in store.