This week was great! I am honestly so impressed with the kids we have. They are all respectful, enthusiastic, and have an open mind when it comes to Shakespeare. The attitude of the kids makes going to their school on a cold dark Thursday evening so much easier. I know they will be positive and fun to be around, so missing out on campus activities is not as miserable as I thought it was going to be. I have started to look forward to being around the kids, it is a good break from campus and being around the norms I am use to.

This week we started off with two truths and a lie. It was a great game to get to know the students. They were very creative with their truths and lies. I found out what the kids liked to do for fun, I found out about their family life, and I found out what students in the room were related. After everyone had a turn, we dove right back into reading Macbeth. We finished reading through the play, and for the most part, I think the students really understand what is going on. We then started asking students if they wanted lines or not and if they had a particular character they wanted to be. We had a good range of interests for all the parts. Some people wanted a lot of lines, others wanted to be witches, and some even wanted to be Macbeth. We told the kids we would take their considerations in mind and hopefully type up a casting list this week. We also told them that next week we would start to practice acting out the play. It finally feels like the play is coming together! It is exciting.

Every week I am more and more impressed by these students. They are so smart, good hearted, and kind. It honestly makes my Thursday nights, even if I have to miss fun parties or activities that are going on around campus.