St. Joseph’s Villa: Week 3

Over in the Villa, we are running low on volunteers. We are one of the smaller student groups, just the four of us. Even so, we match our actors 1:1, if they all attend. Despite our low numbers, I am not afraid of the final product being lackluster. I can easily see this group of students succeeding. Among the actors, there are varying levels of both talent and enthusiasm. Even so, I am certain that each of these students is very much interested in participating. Their interest makes our jobs so much easier.

Due to the small size of our group, I am able to discuss the students specifically:

Kurntz is a gentleman interested in playing a warlock. The role fits him, his height allows him to loom over the other actors in an ominous way that I think he will be able to use to great effect. He is prone to starting side conversations with the members of our group, but has had some truly insightful moments. After a viewing of the video summary of MacBeth, he began a discussion of what he saw as the central theme: that power corrupts and must be used responsibly.

Justin Long is the most personable of the group. He is quick to start a conversation (even if it often gets him off topic). He is enthusiastic and excited to perform. He has expressed interest in playing the role of MacBeth. I look forward to seeing him again, he could not join us this week.

Derek is a man of few words. However, he fully participates. He seems to be a genuinely kind person. He has expressed interest in playing the role of Banquo.

Christine is the newest addition to our crew. She joined this week and has proven to be experienced and professional. We would like her to play Lady MacBeth, but she is hesitant to accept the role. Next rehearsal, we will have a script to provide her with so that she can choose a role that she will enjoy.

Ultimately, even in those people who have claimed roles, everyone is going to have to perform multiple roles. With such a small group, we cannot afford to have one person be just a witch or just a murderer. It will be a challenge to model the script such that only 4 actors are needed.