Week 2 at St. Joseph’s Villa

This week proved to be a lot more productive than last.  I would imagine a huge factor in that is the level of comfort in our students.  Last week it seemed as though they were warming up to us and the idea of their acting in a play as a whole, which is something I can absolutely appreciate.

I feel like our ability to effectively and comfortably communicate with our students saw a huge improvement between the first and second weeks.  It became immediately apparent that we would not be teaching the students Macbeth.  Instead, we’d be teaching them a really interesting tale about greed that is filled with “magic,” British royalty and action.  What I mean is that we’ve realized how important it is going to be to frame everything we do in a way that we think will interest or excite out students.

This week we added another very enthusiastic student, though we are waiting for a few more.  We’ve sort of rewarded those who have been committed from the beginning with the opportunity to choose roles before the others.  Framing the roles in a fun and interesting way is as important as our framing of the action in the story.  More than being interested with the plot and themes of the entire play, the students really only need to be interested in the role they are playing.  It seems as though they started to recognize this as a possible opportunity for expression and some freedom and they are growing more excited.  I am looking forward to what this upcoming week, and our newly added students, will have in store.