“And We’ll Strive To Please You;” Reflection on Final Henderson Rehearsal

“And we’ll strive to please you every day.” – Feste (Act V, Scene I, Line 340)

Well, we did it.

Sort of.

I mean, the actual performance is tomorrow, but today was our last rehearsal.

And you know what? It went really well.

There were some hiccups of course.

We’re still not entirely clear on who all is actually going to be there tomorrow, and we were only able to run through the blocking once, but we got to see the whole act in action tonight and all of the students really loved their costumes.

I think the most important thing tomorrow will be to make sure we have all the props ready to go and will make sure to mark up the student’s scripts with any stage directions they may need.

We would have done it tonight except again we’re still not entirely sure who is coming tomorrow.

Despite the uncertainty, we decided that it was still worth running the play, that way the students who do show up have the experience, and the ones who won’t will at least have the memory.

We gave away most of the posters as well and a couple of the kids even kept their name tags.

I’m not sure what our act is going to look like tomorrow, but if nothing else tonight felt like a win, and whether I’m doing props backstage or playing six different roles tomorrow tonight, I suspect the performance is going to feel like a win too.