“Telling them I know my place, as I would they should do theirs” – Malvolio (Act 2, Scene 5, Lines 52-53)

So yes, we didn’t actually meet with our group on this day, seeing how it was a holiday and all.

I did however get a phone call from our site manager.

To begin, this wasn’t actually on Thanksgiving, it was the day before.

But that’s only important so when I start by explaining that I got the call in the middle of eating lunch in my favorite sushi restaurant you don’t think I’m some sort of freak who eats sushi for Thanksgiving.

No offense.

Anyway, so I’m in the middle of lunch when my phone rings, and it was reflex more than anything that caused me to pick up my phone in the middle of a restaurant for an unknown number.

Turns out it was good that I did though since the caller turned out to be our site supervisor.

Although she framed it as a “just checking in call” and did in fact ask specifically about one of our students, it was ultimately a “are you planning on volunteering again with us next semester” call.

I did my best to explain how the class worked, it being a volunteer component specific to a class and all that, but ultimately pulled the “but you can always get more information from my own supervisor though” card.

Sorry Dr. Soderlund.

What made me bring it up, and by extension blog about it, was two things. 1, I am REALLY skeptical about whether we’ll be getting any permission slips back for our students, although our site supervisor did say she sent them home, and 2, I feel really guilty that I’m not going back next semester.

Not enough to actually go back though, so maybe I don’t feel as guilty as I good, but despite the struggles with the project, I have really enjoyed working with our students and hope that they are able to find another activity next semester.

I’m not really sure to do with a type of guilt that makes you feel bad, but not bad enough to actually do anything about it though.

I wonder if there’s a Shakespeare play for that.

“Being skill-less in these parts, which to a stranger, unguided and unfriended, often prove rough and unhospitable”   – Antonio (Act 3, Scene 3, Lines 9-11)

So full disclosure, I was not actually at this rehearsal due to a travel conflict.

However, both of my amazing partners were able to be there and filled me in on what I missed.

Since we were getting closer and closer to performance day or P-Day if you will, we knew we needed to start working on blocking with the troupe.

However, since that can come off a little dull, the group also played a number of theater games to help make the day more entertaining.

Apparently they were very popular and focused largely on helping our students work on adding emotion into their voices when they read their lines.

So while perhaps not as much actual blocking was done as expected, it was clearly still a productive and enjoyable day for all those involved.

However, at the time I should have been posting this blog, we were under the impression that we had one more rehearsal before Thanksgiving Break, then of course the last one before P-Day.

Instead, Higher Achievement was hosting an early Thanksgiving party for their students and families, so we only have one more rehearsal before the final production.

And honestly, I’m not even that worried about it.

Have I suddenly reached a perfect state of zen that allows me to cycle through my worries in a rational and calm manner?

Of course not.

But we’ve reached the time of the year where I’m basically only 15% of a person.

I’m kidding. Mostly. I am serious about not being too worried about the performance though.

Despite their occasional large bursts of energy, we have a good group, and I think tomorrow will be more than enough to walk them through the basic blocking we need to make sure they can do onstage.

I am slightly worried about how many students we will actually have show up though.

Guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Who knows, maybe my final blog post will be about me explaining how I played five different Shakespeare characters in one night.