Act 1 Henderson Week 10

Final Rehearsal!

It was an exciting and stressful afternoon during the last week of classes, but going to Henderson was an amazing break that seems to exhaust me and recharge me all at once. The start of rehearsal was rough, some of the girls lied to us and said they had to go to a cooking class and there was no cooking class so I had to track them down and bring them to the music room. Then when we asked who was coming tomorrow almost all of them said no which was great. On the bright side some of the kids, for example Conald, are just so talented and engaged. They need no direction and they just understand the weird ways in which Shakespeare wrote. Other struggle to get through their lines still such as Tyvell, but he makes such a valiant effort, he was also so excited to be dressed in his cape and crown today while rehearsing. While we couldn’t get the kids to use their bodies with the lines they were speaking, we did get them on their feet finally and directed at the person to whom they are speaking with. We got through the entire act once and it went really well. I still do not know who we will have tomorrow but I think I may have bribed one more person with the promise of food.