Act II: Week 9

This Thursday was our last rehearsal. When we got there we talked to the director about how many permission slips the kids have turned in and he told us that they were planning on calling parents during rehearsal to get verbal permission. When we met with the kids they were all really excited about the performance and had a million questions about what the night was going to entail. We explain to they what would be happening Friday night and then split them up to practice their scenes. They practiced their lines and did great. They all seemed a little nervous but ultimately excited about the performance. We reminded them that if they were stuck on a word up on stage to just sound it out and keep going because no one in the audience will know they mispronounced a word. The second half of practice the director came in and began calling parents. At the end every student got the okay from there parents so we are expecting full attendance for the performance. Before this rehearsal we were pretty nervous that the kids would not be prepared enough but leaving we feel a lot better and are excited to rehearse at the theater tomorrow before the show!