Act V: The Final Rehearsal

This week’s rehearsal was our most positive yet. Before we started our final run through of the script, we talked to our students about their excitement and nervousness for the final production. All of our students are excited about costumes and make-up, but worried about performing in front of a big crowd, but Dylan was able to allay some of their fears with reassuring stage advice. There was also a sense of melancholy as this was our last rehearsal. Week after week of rehearsal have created a bond between the students and AJ, Dylan, and I. This last rehearsal made me realize how far our students have come over the semester, from reluctance to look at Shakespeare to an excitement to perform it. I also reflected on the enjoyment I have shared with the students in preparing for the play. Though we have not always had the easiest time with our students, I think our entire group learned a lot from our shared experience.

Our final run through of the script was relatively seamless. We had to iron out some kinks such as when Viola should remove her hat to reveal herself as Viola to Duke Orsino, but outside of these small adjustments everything went well. It is important to note we were missing one actor, Khalil, but despite this absence our rehearsal was successful. If he misses the show our group will be fine, but we hope he can make it.

Ending this post on a positive note, this final rehearsal lacked the behavioral issues that have often come up within our group. I hope that we can end our entire Jepson Shakespeare Project experience on a positive note as well with a great five act performance tonight.