Getting Down to the Wire

This week will be our last rehearsal before the performance next Friday.  Where has the time gone! You know what they say time flies when you are having fun. It has been a great experience so far and I know we are all very excited for the performance.  The plan this week, hopefully everyone will be able to attend, is to run through the script a few times without interruption to make 100% sure there is no confusion.  All of the actors seem comfortable with their lines and know their stage directions.  We are prepared to step in and help another group fill in any gaps that arise in their cast and look forward to seeing all of the other groups in action!  We are still going with modern dress for our costumes and incorporating the icon associated with each character throughout the performance.  This week we will also go over the protocol for the beginning of each act.  The performers will file on stage introduce themselves and tell the audience who they will be in the play, to help the audience have any hope in following who is who in each act.  It should be a great event filled with laughter and opportunities to learn.  Can’t wait to meet with my group on Wednesday.