We attempted to email the students ahead of time to see how many would be showing up, but we didn’t get the email out until mid-day this past Monday. On our way to John Marshall, we decided to call Laura just to make sure there would be students present when we arrived. Unfortunately, no one stayed after school, so we turned around. I told her that we would try to get the email out sooner, we just fell behind on getting it out sooner this time.

During the short ride back to school, we discussed what we should do… We definitely should have sent the email out earlier, say Sunday, and that’s on us. However, we did talk about the fact that it seems they aren’t very motivated anyways to stay after school regardless of if we send an email or not. We decided to make sure we send out an email by Friday so they have time to see it. If that doesn’t work, I don’t see what else will get them there.