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Blog post for 11/30

           Dear White People is a movie that shows us a predominantly white university and the struggles the black population goes through and the discrimination they have to face. This movie does justice in showing the harsh realities black college students have to face when it comes to going to a university that contains mostly white students. This movie also shows how white people want to use black culture without respecting the black community and without having to face the bad side of being black. Sam shows no hesitation when she starts her radio show, she calls out her fellow white classmates and professors for being racist or for participating in racist actions.
Dear White People had a clear message and was very relevant, especially to me since I am a black person going to a pwi. This movie shows how white people take certain aspects of black identity, as in the fun aspects of black culture, or the parts that will benefit them. The movie also shows how black people are always being criticized for everything they do, a white person could do the same thing and wouldn’t get criticized or atleast would not be criticized as harshly as a black person would. I believe that everyone should watch Dear White People so they can begin to educate themselves on what is happening in the world today, and to make it known that there is still racism everywhere we go.

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  1. Olivia Cosco Olivia Cosco

    I agree with you that the movie is very relevant and it brought up very relatable scenarios. We are all college students, whether we are white, black, or any other race, and this movie portrays experiences we’ve probably all had since being at college or even before. I think the way the movie was written to be relatable and directed towards younger people was good, because we are the ones who need to educate ourselves in order to set an example for future generations. We also tend to be more open minded, while older adults may not be.

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