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Blogpost 14 (11/30)

The movie “Dear White  People” shows the segregation, tension, and even hate between the black and white communities. In Winchester University we see the discrimination black students face and  It also highlights the role media plays in showing and shaping people’s views towards the black community; for example, we see this in the scene where the students were objecting to Hollywood representation of the black community and saying that it is stereotypical and incorrect. We still see this representation of minority and marginalized groups in media and it is not only limited to the black community but also to other racial minorities. 


I found that this movie brought to attention many things that a lot of white people are not aware of. For example, in one of the scenes, Sam raises the issue of white people touching black people’s hair and finding it interesting as it might be seen as unnatural. Many people do this nowadays, where they try to approach other people’s hair to show interest; they do not see how this could be offensive as they do not know the history behind it. The “forgotten history of human zoos”, we see this in the movie as white people romanticize and even sometimes fetishize black culture but not even try to dig deep and understand the struggle.

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  1. Sofia Adams Sofia Adams

    I find the role that the media plays in relations between Black and White communities extremely interesting. I feel as though the media has began to do a better job of including positive and effective representations of minority communities more recently. With movies like Hidden Figures and Black Panther. I think that these media representations do have a huge impact on how specifically young people interact with groups of people different than them.

  2. Madeline Orr Madeline Orr

    I thought it was really interesting that you brought up the point about white people touching black people’s hair. They may intend to show interest and fascination towards their hair, but usually they are unaware that it is actually offensive towards black people. We often see this where white people are so interested and romanticize black culture without fully understanding how things came to be or how it may effect certain people.

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