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Groups & Due Dates

These are the groups for blog posts and podcast questions for both 101-01 and 101-06.

Blog posts are due for every class from August 25th (for class on the 26th) to November 30th. (Thanksgiving week is off.)

(Entries due by classtime on Sunday, comments due by classtime on Wednesday–note that Sunday posters have Podcast Questions and comments due on Wednesdays)
Zander B.
Charley B.
Zariah C.
Carly C.
Morgan C.
Julia L.
Kayla O.
Sophie P.
Margot R.
Christopher W.
Zach A.
Julia B.
William C.
Delaney D.
Christina G.
Sam H.
Tess K.
Jack K.
Jeffrey S.
Annie W.
Alex O.

(Entries due by classtime on Tuesday, comments due by classtime on Monday–note that Tuesday posters have Podcast Questions and comments due on Mondays)
Sofia A.
Elina B.
Michael C.
Harrison C.
Olivia Co.
Mohammad K.
Sara M.
Maddie O.
Sophia P.
Mia S.
Tommy B.
Olivia Cr.
Alex D.
Henry G.
Pierce K.
Isa K.
Maggie O.
Michael S.
Katherine Y.