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Julia Leonardi.. 11/30/2020

It was interesting watching Dear White People because I had watched it a few years back just because it looked interesting. The film is extremely relevant and the topics within it are so important to be brought to light. I think that the people who made this were very smart in the way that they marketed it and the way they created it. The name of the movie is very attention-grabbing itself. The name is quite open, and it implies a divide, and it can cause white people to feel offended and draw them to click on the movie. I also think it is important that this movie was targeted towards teens, college students, and overall young people. I think this is an overall good thing because younger people tend to be more open-minded, and they can become inspired to make a change when they are in positions of power in the future. If this movie was targeted towards older people, I don’t think it would’ve been as effective.

Someone that really spoke to me in the movie was the hiring of the Dean and President of the University. Choosing the white man over the men of color to be in positions of power is something that happens every day. This is something that is infinitely harmful to communities of color. People grow up and see that the only people that can be in power are white men and it harms people’s potentials. It is sad to see that people of color will be more qualified and still lose the job to the white man because of racial bias.

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  1. Elina Bhagwat Elina Bhagwat

    I also thought that the way the producers and directors created the movie was very smart because it can be so easily related to. On the other hand, “Sorry to Bother You” was a bit more difficult to make those connections so it may not have been as impactful.

  2. Olivia Cosco Olivia Cosco

    I agree with you that elements in this film need to be brought to light. I think that the movie brought up issues that our world still struggles with today, and they are issues we need to acknowledge and fix. This movie also did a really good job at targeting the right group as well as making it so relatable in the sense that most of the scenes were experiences we’ve all had in our life.

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