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Leaders Moving the Earth

According to John Muir, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” His words have inspired people across the decades and have created a world through his words where people can visualize and appreciate nature. Muir … Continue reading

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A Familiar Bench

Fishing for Answers This is not my first visit to this place. I came here once I was old enough to hold a fishing pole. As I look out onto the murky lake, I see a two young siblings running … Continue reading

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The Tree Killers

Paintbrush in hand, I timidly reached toward the freshly cut stump and applied the dark blue chemicals. I had killed my first heavenly tree. To this day, I have not come to terms with the invasive tree removal we participated … Continue reading

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Solving the Wrong Problem

We rounded a corner and immediately saw rows of white and red signs opposing the Reedy Creek “Restoration.” We were surely in the right place. Andrew and I pull up in the car and immediately see a bearded man in … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the River

As I sat on a tumbled log in the heart of the Old Growth Forest, I heard nothing but the water.  Even the birds were silent; I had never experienced such peace.  We left no trace as we completed our … Continue reading

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An Upstream Battle

We set course from the Huguenot Flatwater access point on the James River towards Bosher Dam.  The air was showing signs of a chill and the water was murky due to the recent heavy rainfall.  The riparian zone was saturated … Continue reading

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HJA 1 What do you expect to observe when we visit the forests of the H.J. Andrews? I imagine I would see mosquitos due to the excess rain, the trails will be neat while the rest of the woods will … Continue reading

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Portland 1 Both books emphasize the study of place. Define the geographic concept of “place”. Illustrate the concept by describing the place where you are this summer. A place can be defined by countless characteristics including mountains, rivers, buildings, and … Continue reading

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