Geography of the James River Watershed
GEOG 215
Fall Semester 2016

Dr. Todd Lookingbill
Office: 311 Carole Weinstein International Center
Office hours: Wed 4:30-5:30; Fri 11:00-noon
Additional material for the course found on Blackboard

Course Schedule:
Class meets: TTh 9:00-10:15 in Gray Classroom
Additional time will be required outside of the classroom to complete the community based learning component of the course.

Course Objectives:
The course has the following primary objectives:

  • To exercise and hone skills of critical observation, reflection and analysis of our environment;
  • To provide an introduction to environmental geography emphasizing concepts of place, scale, connectivity and boundaries as they apply to the James River watershed;
  • To better understand our local environment and the role of humans in the natural world in Richmond; and
  • To translate what we learn in the James River watershed to reveal truths that apply beyond our local community.

Syllabus: Fall 2016