Motionless in change

Whenever I write about this spot I realize how much it has changed during the short time we have been here for. Remembering way back to the first time I wrote about my reflection spot I talked about the obsidian void that seemed endless and how I felt I had so much to learn . The next time was a reflection on the vibrant colors and my expanding knowledge of the world and watershed around me.

Today I feel was different. When I looked into the lake waters and saw the same obsidian that was confused. I had so much more knowledge and passion than I had when I visited before so why was the area before me so dark again. It occurred to me that it wasn’t dark but rather a reflection, a perfect mirror this time. I could see back on what was around me and was beginning to understand what is all meant.

Progress is strange, ask any experienced artisian or professional and they will tell you they know next to nothing about what they do, the just do it and love it. While I do feel like I have learned so much the past semester and that my spot has grown to reflect this change in me I have found that the quite stillness and lack of motion is a way of the world around me preparing me for the future. It is saying that while you are confident in what you know now there is so much more for you to learn and so much more for you to discover that this is just the beginning and to never stop searching for spots which you can use to understand more about yourself and the world around you.

So I say goodbye to Mr. Yoffe and turn away, hopeful that I will soon face challenges that will further increase my knowledge on the topics that interest me the most.

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