Wet Wednesday with the Earth Lodgers

I really enjoyed class on Wednesday.  Let’s just say it was a lot more invigorating than my other classes during Syllabus Week.  I really enjoyed walking all around the outskirts of campus, even if the weather wasn’t that great.  We exhibited the creeks and streams and everything was just very wet.  I liked it.  (except the ominous dead bird- that was frightening).

Walking behind the baseball field where campus borders College Road was fun.  I was always curious about the stream back there.  My friends and I always drive really fast down that road, and I feel like we’re zipping by the beautiful natural imagery of that stream.  It’s like the secret hangout spot that the geese and ducks go to when they’re sick of being harassed by students.  Class on Wednesday gave me a chance to check that area out from a completely new perspective.  It was nice to see the stream as more than just a blur through a Honda Civic window.  Speaking of blurs, it would be nice to make an impressionist painting of that stream!

I have a completely new perspective of Westhampton Lake now.  I used to have this elementary idea that it was just an oval in the middle of campus.  It’s definitely more complicated than that.  In Gottwald, there is a poster of our campus map being compared to parts of a plant cell. I think they’re hilarious because the Westhampton Lake is being compared to a vacuole (the cell’s water storage organelle).  All the water talk reminded me of this silly poster that I always see, and also made me question what professor in Gottwald would come up with such a project…

I look forward to doing more outdoor activities on Wednesdays.  In Psych 101 we learned about several different types of intelligence, and the “Naturalistic Intelligence” really stuck out to me.  I think that there is certainly a great deal of importance in being aware of nature and understanding how the natural world operates.  Wednesdays will allow me to build this type of intelligence and awareness.



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