Well Hey There

I honestly didn’t go to any reflection place around campus because I simply couldn’t get a second this week to go to the place I had in mind and really sink into the moment. SO, instead, I spent some quality reflection time during my Intro to Global Economics class today. It’s a fantastic class; I highly recommend each of consider taking it, having a bit of knowledge in economics is never a bad thing. Anyways, it’s a three hour class that meets once a week from 6-9pm in the B School. Naturally, I ate a HUGE meal beforehand and my eyes started to droop the moment I sat down. As Professor Cook (great guy!) took the attendance and got sidetracked by telling us a story about his childhood, I slowly sunk into my reflection period. It might have only lasted 10 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

I’m back in Maine. I’m following a narrow and substantially overgrown path towards the sound of crashing waves. The wild grass comes up to my shoulders and the occasional wild raspberry bush scrapes my calf, but I know the trip is worth it. I make this trip whenever I need to, whenever I need to escape from…basically whatever. The wild grass now only reaches my waist and I can easily see the ocean opening up in front of me. All of the sudden, the wild grass is out of my vision and all that is left is a short drop off to the open ocean. There is absolutely nothing between me and Portugal at this point, just miles and miles and miles of open blue. I hop down to the rocks and descend towards the powerful ocean spray. My dog knows exactly what is going on; she’s not trying to chase seagulls or chew on sun baked lobster remnants, she sits right next to me and we both just stare. It’s beautiful.


“KAYLIN. Is that how you pronounce your name son??”

“Er, no. It’s Kelin”

Guess I’m back in class

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