Intersectionality Undone – Sirma Bilge

12 Apr

“Intersectionality Undone” by Sirma Bilge discusses how intersectionality has been depoliticized, which Bilge says strips it of its potential to create “social-justice oriented change” (405). She utilizes the examples of the Occupy movement and the SlutWalk movement to depict not … Read More »

Citizen Control at the Welfare Office

11 Apr

This article is about the degree of citizenship afforded different groups of women. We have the expectation that the state will treat all citizens equally. This is the bone of contention in cases of the lethal force used by police … Read More »

Thick chapters 1 & 2

1 Apr

Chapter 1- This chapter starts out with Cottom describing an interaction she had at Rudean’s. Rudean’s is a nightclub located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The man eventually says to Cottom, “Your hair thick, your nose thick, your lips thick, all … Read More »

Chapter 7 & 8 – Thick

29 Mar

Black Girlhood, Interrupted – Chapter 7 In this chapter, Cottom shares her experiences of being a young black girl. She shares how society perceives Black young girls and women. From a young age, Cottom realized that it was not easy … Read More »

Angela Davis Chapters 9-13

14 Mar

In Chapter 9, Angela Davis outlines the relationship between class and gender on the suffrage movement. In the Civil War era, white women began working outside their homes more than ever despite the still present male supremacy in the labor … Read More »

Davis Chapters 5-8

13 Mar

In chapter 5, Angela Davis discusses black people’s history with domestic work and specifically how domestic work has never been liberatory for black females because it has always been their only option. She also draws a parallel between slavery and … Read More »

Davis Chapters 1-4

9 Mar

Angela Davis is a scholar, activist, and teacher known for her work on issues of race, class, gender, and feminism. In her book Women, Race and Class, Davis begins by tracing the efforts of the women’s suffrage movement in the … Read More »

Solnit Chapters 8 and 9

24 Feb

Chapter #8 Solnit says we need to look at our culture to understand our actions; and that America is violent. She discusses in this chapter incidents of female-oriented male violence and the allowance for in our culture. For instance, in … Read More »

Solnit Chapters 6 and 7

21 Feb

Solnit Chapter 6: Woolf’s Darkness Author Virginia Woolf once said “The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be, I think,” (79) Solnit opens this chapter with this journal quote by Virginia Woolf, an influential English … Read More »